Sunday, February 12, 1995

The Scorch Trials (comments with spoilers)

Spoilers for The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Holy crap!  This book starts of pretty much where the previous novel left off, with Thomas and the others who have escaped the maze finally safe from dangers.  Or so they think.  Things just get crazier and crazier as things speed along.  Forced to go through yet another series of challenges, they hardly get a single night’s sleep before they are once again off and running.  The promise of a cure pushes them to move forward but it becomes increasingly difficult to know who to trust. 

Those how have been infected are called Cranks and they become violent.  In spite of this, Thomas and the others join forces with Jorge and Brenda who help Thomas, especially, to survive the dangers of passing through a city filled with infected people.  Of course, Brenda serves as a love interest, creating a triangle for Thomas with Teresa.  Frankly, this was the weakest part of the narrative conflict for me.   I prefer the tension of just surviving. 

What I didn’t understand is why, when “The Rat Man” clearly stated that the survivors couldn’t trust anything they saw, heard, or experienced, the boys would trust anything WICKED does.  No, instead of mistrusting the corporation that tortured these children in the maze, the characters just go along with everything, even the cryptic significance of the tattoos they all have upon waking up. Really?  Why?  Every teenager I ever met is more than happy to question the authority of adults.

 In spite of the unquestioning faith the characters seem to have, I was sucked into the story and desperate for one character in particular to survive to the end.  Not just of this novel but the third. Which is why I was so eager to get to the third book when I finished this one. 

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