Monday, December 27, 2010

New Blog

Beginning January 1st, this blog will be where I house my reviews.  Mostly I'll be reviewing books with some digressions into movies and television shows.

Welcome one and all!


  1. FYI: I think you can transfer the reviews already in your other blog to this one without having to re-post them, if that's something that you're interesting in doing. Don't know if you were planning on having your previous reviews here or there...

  2. Unfortunately, I have too many of those reviews linked in other places so transferring them here would require my finding every reference to every review on every website to which I've ever shared a link. It's easier to just let this one be the new one. New year. New decade. New blog for reviews. It works for me. I think.

  3. Just like to say, I love the layout of this blog!

  4. You do? Too funny. I was taking a shower and thinking I was going to change it. Okay. This layout stays until the end of January at least, possibly longer.


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