Monday, February 28, 2011

Adding Feedback

I've decided to add little check boxes to the reviews.  Now you can check off the follow:
  • want to read
  • won't read
  • already read
I had to keep these short so they wouldn't disappear off the post soooo . . .
want to read means you want to read this book (even if you wanted to read it before you read my review)
won't read means you don't want to read this book (even if I loved it and my review doesn't convince you it is too good not to read)
already read obviously means you read the book (and you don't plan on rereading the book but you went ahead and read the review)
I made this change because someone (you know who you are) suggested I needed to have a "like" button because facebook has apparently made this the new auto-response to things.  And I obviously concur or I wouldn't be adding these little check boxes.

So thank you, not-so-anonymous reader, for a good recommendation.


  1. Actually its a great idea that allows you a bit of feedback on this particular blog. I became a follower because I am an avid reader and I figured your reviews could possibly encourage me to pick up something I may have otherwise overlooked. However, if I hadn't read the titles listed, I couldn't really respond back.

  2. Well, as you can see, I am an avid reader too. I used to blog my reviews in my regular journal but I realized that I really wanted to remove the reviews and give them a home of their own. Hence, this journal's inception in January.

    And yes, I noticed I had a new follower. (I'm waving to you!) Thanks. I follow anonymously for personal reasons so if you don't see me following that doesn't necessarily mean I am not. Just means I am invisible. (I know, you can't see me waving so you'll just have to take my word for it.)

  3. No worries. I realize that my satire isnt necessarily for everyone, but if ya are following I appreciate it. I use mine to express the humor I have found in everyday life. Some days, however, I express it better than others. Anyways, *waves back*


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