Friday, April 1, 2011

Create with the Designers by Anna Griffin

Create with the Designers:  Designer Scrapbooks by Anna Griffin is a very pretty collection of scrapbook pages created by a woman who is known for her Victorian and textile inspired crafting products.  On the pages of the book, she shares her person story of how she became the doyen of stationery and scrapbooking, her materials found in crafting supply stores, on the pages of magazines, and even on cable shopping channels.

Naturally, most of the resources she uses to make the beautiful scrapbook pages are her own–papers, embellishments, etc., are almost all Anna Griffin products.  This is, needles to say, the weakest aspect of the text because, regardless of how inspiring these ideas may be, if one can no longer purchase each distinct piece then there is no way to replicate these pages and I’ve a feeling that most of the papers and such used to create the scrapbook pages are no longer available.

Nevertheless the pages are gorgeous.  I haven’t done any scrapbooking myself, although I’ve collected a lot of scrapbooking resources along the way.  I turned to this book because, unlike many other scrapbooking books, the pages are very classic.  I may like some trendy color combinations but, ten or twenty years from now, I want the look of the page to be something that doesn’t scream a particular time and place.  That is a personal preference, as I’ve never been fond of fashion trends.  It helps, also, that I love Victoriana so the lush floral prints and scrollwork of the pages resonates with what I had hoped to create in my own scrapbooking.

I opened this book, in particular, to find ideas for how to display and preserve the many lovely greeting cards my mother has sent to me throughout the years.  Anyone who has seen my mother’s penmanship can appreciate why this matters to me and, because she often writes on the back of cards, I cannot simply glue a card onto a piece of paper and be done with it.

So I am still left with my dilemma of how to scrapbook these lovely cards and continue to store these pretty scrapbook pages and ideas away.  I have other scrapbooking ideas in mind but I really want to figure out how to do this one idea before I start exploring others.  Googling “scrapbook” and “cards” or “greeting cards” results in a lot of suggestions on how to use scrapbooking supplies to create your own greeting cards.  Unfortunately, the last thing I need are more ideas on how to scrapbook.  I just need a few good ideas on how to specifically scrapbook these lovely cards I have stored in boxes.

But, gee . . . this book is so very pretty.

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