Monday, April 25, 2011

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss by Suzanne Deason

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss:  Safe, Natural Methods to Help Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Weight by Suzanne Deason is the text that accompanies her excellent yoga dvd in which she has herself and three others going through a lovely 45 minute yoga practice using modifications—blocks, straps, blankets.  A practitioner of Iyengar yoga, Deason does a wonderful job of communicating the mechanics of each asana both on the dvd and on the page.

This book is more than just the practice, however, and the reader is invited to learn more about yoga as a way of life and more than simply a form of physical activity.  As with the practice she designs, there is not a lot here that will challenge but anyone who is prepared to move deeper into a yoga practice, to move it off the mat as it were, this book is a very elementary introduction for how yoga can inform all aspects of one’s life.

For anyone who is already practicing meditation, who has read the yoga sutras in one or more translations, who has gone on a yoga retreat or considered vegetarianism, this book may be too simple, too introductory without any real depth.  This should be considered before reaching for a copy.  Like Deason’s dvd, knowing where you are in your own yoga practice will allow you to choose consciously what props you need.  You may want and even need to read this book if you have never explored yoga except on dvd but if you have already done more, you can probably skip this book altogether because you won’t be missing much.

The dvd is great.  This book is merely good.


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  2. Absolutely right: Yoga is best way for weight loss. Thank you so much for sharing this opertunity. Keep in touch.


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