Saturday, May 21, 2011

Books I Should Have Read by Now Challenge

I found out about this on the Novel Nymph blog who, in turn, found it on Gabriel Reads.

Go to Gabriel Reads to find out the specifics of what qualifies as a book you should have read.  There are three levels to this challenge:
Casual Reader: At least 1 book a month
Avid Reader: At least 2 books a month
Voracious Reader: At least 3 books a month
I've signed up for Voracious Reader for obvious reasons.  Given my "Fifteen in 2011" plus my desire to read all of Jane Austen, it seemed a logical commitment to this challenge.

I'm share this here for all of you to ponder and decided for yourselves if you want to commit to reading books you should have read.  

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