Monday, May 2, 2011

Younger by the Day by Victoria Moran

Younger by the Day: 365 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit by Victoria Moran is a wonderful collection of daily readings that approaches the idea of health and well-being from a holistic perspective.  Written for women “of a certain age,” the recommendations include everything from diet and exercise to meditation and journaling practices to enhance the quality of life without making impossible promises like “do this and you’ll feel and look 10 years younger.”  Rather, Moran cleverly frames her suggestions in a delicate manner, realizing that nobody reading the book could possibly put each day’s suggestion into immediate practice.

In fact, this book is meant to be read and re-read.  I obtained a copy in May so I began reading the daily dose of wisdom at that time.  When I reached the last days’ entry (for me) on April 29th, I felt a bit of sadness.  I am going to miss my morning dose of Moran.  Each entry ends with a suggestion or an affirmation.  In January she encourages the reader to make the time to write out the affirmations that are most personally relevant.  This is just one of the many wonderful ideas she makes.  Drawing on research from traditional and complementary medicine, she covers the gamut of what the more mature woman can do to feel healthier, stronger, and just better about life.  Whether it is doing yoga or getting a massage, having a bone density test or a reminder to have those annual mammograms, Moran definitely covers it all.  Even hair and makeup.  But unlike glossy magazines that make a woman feel guilty for the cellulite or thinning hair, these suggestions are about doing what feels right to feel better, not shame or blame the reader into trying to look, let alone act, like what she isn’t—a 20 or even 30 year old woman.

But once again, my pet peeve rears its ubiquitous head and there are wonderful quotes from a variety of resources.  I wish I could look them up but there are no page citations.  I’ll have to read every book and/or writer quoted to find the original and read it in context.  Who has time for this?  I certainly don’t.  I wish writers would take time to properly cite their quotations.  It would make this reader endlessly happy.

Even with that said, I bought copies of this book for every woman I know who is perimenopausal or in the early stages of menopause because it is simply that good a book and I would recommend it to any woman "of a certain age" who is tired of empty promises or unrealistic goals.

I'll be rereading this one beginning in January.  Feel free to tell me if you plan to read along with me.

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