Sunday, September 4, 2011

Something About Twilight

I simply have to share this link.

I've written a review delineating why I loathe this novel so very much and have refused to read any of the other novels in the series.

(I also want to point out that all of my old posts seem to have been screwed up by some glitch in the blogosphere and instead of having nice paragraphs there are massive blocks of text that are unreadable.  I had to go through the book review I wrote and try to reformat the whole damn thing.  When I think of how many other posts are probably also an unreadable mess, I want to cry.  If anyone knows why this happened, I'd love to have an answer, especially if there's some quick and easy thing I can do on my end to fix it.  The thought of going through each post individually . . . I just don't have the time, especially when you consider there's more than one blog for me to "fix."  I want to know what the hell happened, why, and what can be done to easily return all those old posts to their former state of clarity.)


  1. The article about why evangelical Christians should love the books is excellent. Highlights many of the things I found so alarming when I read the novel.

  2. Yeah I can totally see all of those and wish I had thought up them first lol.

  3. I could imagine the fun you'd have had writing up a scathing "The Twilight Guide to Dating" or some such.

    Maybe you should anyway. You're tone is so far removed for anything I've seen written about the book . . .


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