Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Interrupt This Blog for a Little Nepotism

Normally I do not cross-post between blogs but since this is my book review blog and this is sort of about writing and writers, it seemed apropos to stray from my norm.

As you all know, I'm not above sharing links to my daughter's drawings and, as you can't possibly know, I'll soon be doing something similar for one of my sons as he begins putting himself "out there," as it were.  So I'm all about the nepotism which is how I ended up over here, on Janice Erlbaum's blog.  I mentioned in a previous post (one of those "Satia Sampler Saturday" posts) that I'd written something for another blog.

Well, now you can read it.  Go there now.  Read.  Comment.  Tell Janice how amazing I am.  Or tell her how amazing she is.  Either way, let her know you were there/here/where?/I'm lost/*sigh*.

Rob pointed out the irony of my looking like I have a gun pointed at my head.  Sometimes writing does feel like that, like the only way I can make it happen is if . . . lucky for me this poster actually follows me from room to room so I always have the threat close at hand.


  1. who am i telling is amazing...im sorry hun but i is now confused...

  2. Did you go over here like the link hinted? If not, it would be confusing. That's my power and I've submitted an application to the Evil League of Evil. I'll be sure to update my correspondence to include yet another confusion created in the world.

  3. i did! and sorry it took me a couple of days to get back here...ive been in the process of moving so that i can avoid being homeless myself...incredible story and also more incredible that you ended up where ya are now

  4. Being sheltered is far more important than trying to keep up with my blogging. I've been homeless. It sucks. It sucks more than moving and everyone knows how much moving sucks!


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