Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Morning Readings

I wanted to share one more list of books I’ll be reading this upcoming year, albeit this is a short list by comparison to some of the previous ones. This list is for the books I plan on reading throughout 2012 as part of my morning. They are designed to be read daily, short passages addressing different topics. One of these should look familiar to those of yo who’ve been reading this blog for a while.

The first, Goddesses for Every Day, should be an interesting complement to my readings on Hinduism. When I was working on a poetry chapbook, I learned a few things and in my research I came across a variety of things, among them the name of a Chinese goddess. (I have been unable to find the file with the rough draft of the chapbook or I would tell you the name. Hopefully it won’t remain missing for much longer and I’ll remember to come back here and edit this post accordingly.) I thought this book would be interesting to read. Who knows, perhaps one or more of the entries will inspire something in me as did that one goddess I turned up while researching the chapbook.

The second book, Younger by the Day, is one I’ve read before. I liked it so much before I’d even finished it that I bought copies for two of my dearest friends: Love and Pia. The three of us may be reading the book together, sharing any thoughts we have on each day’s reading. The book is written for “women of a certain age” and offers a variety of ways of living with the changes that come with the approach and arrival of menopause. I especially appreciated the author’s holistic approach, offering traditional and complementary healing practices, including everything from Ayurvedic practices to dietary changes, recommendations for lifestyle changes, and more. I suggested to the others that we might check in with one another, share how we apply each day’s readings or discuss those with which we are less in agreement. Where a dietary change is recommended, we could pass along a favorite recipe or where an exercise or meditative practice mentioned we could check in on whether we gave it a try or not. I’m really looking forward to sharing this book, especially with two people I love.

Finally, I may also be reading Simple Abundance, which I've been reading this year. It was suggested to me by someone online that she would like to read it along with me but this was a few months ago and I tried to check in with her to see if she is still interested. I know that she has some things going on this month that she could not have foreseen months ago and so I wait but I am not sure if this mean sure if her silence is due to her circumstances or because she is no longer interested. If it is the former, I should hear from her before month’s/year’s end. If not, I’ll not include this book in this year’s readings.

I don’t suppose there will be any other books that I am inspired to add to my morning reading pile but if another should present itself or be recommended to me then I will update this post before year's end.

As usual, anyone interested in joining me in reading any of the above is welcome to do so. Leave a comment with a note of your intention.

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