Monday, September 24, 2012

The Healing Power of Reiki by Raven Keyes

The Healing Power of Reiki:  A Modern Master Master's Approach to Emotional, Spiritual & Physical Wellness by Raven Keyes is a book meant to promote something but I am not clear what it is.  With a foreword by Dr Mehmet Oz, it is certain to gain a wider audience than many books on Reiki.

Keyes has been named the best Reiki healer in New York city in New Yorker magazine and has worked not only with Dr. Oz but with NFL and NBA players and more.  She shares stories of volunteering after the 9-11 attacks and frequently offers humble gratitude for her many blessings, never taking credit for the healings while proclaiming repeatedly that it is the Reiki that heals.

However, chapter after chapter ends up feeling more like a self-promotion than a woman's personal healing journey and, at best, it sounds like an advertisement for Reiki than a resource that the reader could use to share the ideas of Reki with a skeptical audience. In fact, anyone who is skeptical about the real benefits of Reiki will probably walk way with more reasons to be a skeptic.  Keyes talks about her spirit guides, guardian angels, and even shares stories of being visited by the dead who have messages for those who are on her healing table.

For those who think Reiki is too "out there" or, as my mother would say "woo woo," this book is all the ammunition you will need to agree.  Maybe the name dropping she does will lend this book a legitimacy but I found it more distasteful than interesting.  Yay, Keyes has had many blessings, opportunities to work with famous people, and does not hesitate to tell them all.  For a Madison Avenue style presentation, it's great.  It is not, however, a book I would recommend to most people.

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