Monday, August 5, 2013

Doctor Who Series III, Vol: Hypothetical Gentleman

Doctor Who Series III, Vol 1:  Hypothetical Gentleman is a graphic novel, divided into two parts.  The first art is written by Andy Diggle and illustrated by Mark Buckingham while the second is written by Brandon Seifert and illustrated by Phillip Bond.  The two stories work together although both have open-ended conclusions promising more graphic novel fun.  If you were especially fond of the more humorous episodes of Dr Who then you will enjoy this novel that has the quirkiness with which we are all familiar.

The truth is, I’m not overly fond of the eleventh doctor.  The first story dumps the Doctor, Amy, and Rory into Victorian England.  Rory just wants to celebrate his anniversary but the Doctor has other plans and the Tardis is having precision problems.  These problems follow them into the second story, which I enjoyed a wee bit more.  Amy, tired of the bickering, insists the Doctor and Rory get to know one another over a pint.  When the two try to circumvent her intention, things get complicated, leaving a few narrative threads dangling, with an opportunity for more stories to come as the Doctor and his companions try to tie up loose ends.

The artwork is definitely in keeping with the tone of the stories—fun to the point of being almost cartoonish.  A good choice, albeit not one I fully appreciate.  I can see how effective the style works with the stories.  Nonetheless, I feel both artists are capable of doing better.  With that said, they played off one another’s style so well that it’s almost impossible to tell that there are two artists working collaboratively in one book.  I have to applaud that.

Over all, a good book and one that helps feed the addiction while one waits for the next season.  

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