Monday, December 30, 2013

Reading Commitment for 2014

I’m giving myself a new reading challenge, which I prefer to think of as a commitment rather than a challenge.  After all, the word challenge is fraught with implication.  Of course, so is commitment, but I digress.

In previous years, I’ve done a reading challenge where I would read 15 books in a year, books culled from my impossibly large collection of books.  The idea was to read it or get rid of it.  And it worked, to a point.  It pretty much stalled out when I was studying for the CPC exam.  I realized I needed to be more aggressive in trying to read my books.  Which is why last year I had a new goal—I would read only books from my personal library.  I even created a Pinterest board for all of the books I could and should read in 2013. 

That didn’t work very well either.  For one thing, I was still studying for the CPC exam and most of my reading time was consumed with reviewing anatomy, medical terminology, etc.  It was a lot of exhausting reading.  For another, I was given new books to read.  The temptation of new and/or borrowed books was simply too much.  And I didn’t even read as many books as I normally do because of all the studying I was doing.  *sigh*

Anyway, I’m trying it again this year but with a twist.  My Reading Commitment for 2014 will go like this:
  • Read one new book a week, preferably one in my collection right now.
  • Read one book a month above and beyond the weekly book. 
  • Get rid of two books, whether read or unread, if I do not do 1 & 2 at the end of each month.

Now here’s the cool part (or I think it’s cool, anyway). 

I am going to give away books, sometimes to people I know but sometimes right here on this blog.  You’ll want to keep an eye out for the reviews of books I’ve read to know what/if a book is going to become available.  I am very careful when reading my books so most will show little to no sign of being read.  However, if I receive a book in poor condition, I can vouch for how it will be when I am done with it.  I’ll do my best to be careful as I'm reading but I'll be honest about the book's condition when I offer it up.

And you can read some of the books along with me.  I’ve added a new page (see the tab above) and have already shared links to each of the monthly books I’ll be reading.  I’m going to try to mix it up a bit, choosing books of different types as much as possible.  Because these books will be a part of my existing collection, I’m not sure it will reflect the full spectrum of my reading choices and/or tastes but it won’t be the same type of book month after month. 

Anyway, that’s my Reading Commitment for 2014.  If I do the bare minimum, I’ll have read 64 books (52 weekly books and 12 monthly books).  If not, if I fail, I’ll have at least rid my shelves and my life of 24 books.  I have a feeling I’ll do better than only 24.  Then again, I thought I’d read more than I did in 2013 so you never know.   

Will you be doing any reading challenges this year?  


  1. What a clever deal have you made with yourself! I wish you good luck!

    1. Thank you. This is why I can't participate in that other challenge you'll be doing that I would happily join in on if I weren't already doing this. I just really want/need to get rid of some of my book clutter and could think of no other way to do so.


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