Monday, February 24, 2014

Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes by Derek Slater

Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes by Derek Slater is a bare bones look at content marketing, written for the small-to-medium sized business.  There is internal evidence that this book was intended to be only an e-book and I almost didn’t finish reading it past the introduction because of a graphic with a rather glaring typo/misspelled word. 

I’m glad I didn’t give up on the book altogether.  I found it to be very interesting, albeit it took me longer than 30 minutes to read and I’m a fast reader.  The author begins with where you and your business are today.  Starting with the end in mind, something he admittedly took from Stephen Covey, he has the reader look at what is already there.  Using Google AdSense and similar online tools to assess what content is already working for the business as the foundation, Slater gives several ideas of how to build from there.  No need to reinvent the wheel.  Maybe just add some new tires to increase your traction.

There are three additional chapters at the end of the book--one summarizing the overall content, and two more from other books written by the author.

Ultimately, the book was interesting because I learned a few things.  If you know about content marketing and want to learn some new tricks of the trade, this book will not meet your needs. But for a novice like me, it was insightful.  I almost wish I owned a business so I could put some of its suggestions to good use.  As it is, I think I know a few people who will benefit from my newfound knowledge and I may even know someone to whom I can pass this book.  Regardless, I know it won’t go to waste.


  1. Hello Satia,

    Thanks for your review of Online Content Marketing In 30 Minutes. As the founder of In 30 Minutes guides, I am always happy to hear when our books provide value or new insights to readers. And, I would like to note that your activities as a blogger give you a skill set that is integral to content marketing. In fact, some of the tips that Derek shared in his book (getting started with Google Analytics, recycling content, etc.) can be applied to increase the readership and engagement of your blog.

    Regarding the typo you observed, could you tell me where it appeared or what the word was? All of our guides are professionally copy edited, and reviewed multiple times before being distributed in print or ebook form, so I apologize that an error got through. Feel free to email me at, and I will make sure the edit is applied to the next release.

    I also hope you have a chance to try some of our other guides about LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google Drive, and even topics such as cooking ("Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes" was just released on the iPad).

    Thanks again for taking the time to post a review,

    Ian Lamont
    Founder, In 30 Minutes guides

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I've sent you an email. There's only one graphic in the introduction so it should be easy to spot. Well, easy for me anyway. :)


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