Monday, April 7, 2014

Holy Shift edited by Robert Holden

Holy Shift: 365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles edited by Robert Holden is a collection of excerpts from A Course in Miracles (also known as ACIM)Not unlike the many books that break the Bible down into texts taken out of context and organized by theme, Holden takes parts of the source texts—the textbook, workbook, teacher’s manual and two supplemental texts.  The passages are organized by month and date so that there’s a short reading for each day.

Anyone who has tried to read A Course in Miracles and found it too difficult or confusing will probably appreciate the work Holden has done in creating this book.  Like many Bible-based morning devotionals, a short passage is offered as a touchstone for the rest of the day.  Given that ACIM itself has a daily reading upon which the reader is supposed to meditate (see the workbook), it almost seems redundant for Holden to create this book but each day’s reading is not merely a reiteration of what is presented in the primary source.  To put it plainly, this book makes its sources easier to comprehend.  For better or worse, it is meant to make ACIM more accessible.

I say “better or worse” because sometimes dumbing things down is not the best answer.  On the other hand, this book may make it possible for some people who have been discouraged by the primary sources to begin a journey on a spiritual path they will find fulfilling.  Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with making the path smoother for those who are just beginning to walk.  Having read ACIM, I appreciate what Holden has done.  I would probably even recommend this book or give it to someone who is interested in applying the teachings of ACIM.  No, this book may not be for me but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate how it might be fulfilling to someone with different beliefs from my own.  Definitely, it is one I would recommend to anyone who thinks ACIM is interesting but is not quite ready to read the three-in-one volume cover-to-cover.

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