Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Master Cleanse Made Easy by Robin Westen

The Master Cleanse Made Easy:  Your No-Fail Guide to Feeling Great During and After You Detox by Robin Westen is a well-written discussion of how to properly ease into a fasting cleanse with a focus on the classic Master Cleanse. 

Westen begins the book discussing why one might need to do the Master Cleanse (MC).  She lists the various types of toxins we experience in our daily, from the foods we eat to the air we breathe.  Each of the chapters concludes with a quiz which is not too difficult but will also help the reader determine how well the material is understood.  This is especially important in later chapters.

The chapters then move through what the MC is, how to get ready for it, what to expect, etc.  Each chapter builds on the other and even carries the reader past the 10 recommended days for the cleanse.  I was pleased to read Westen admit that, whatever weight is lost during the MC, you can expect to put the weight back on when you stop doing the cleanse (37).  I’m not sure I buy some of the claims made, such as the one on page 38 about breathing being a means of assimilating protein without ingesting it but this is one of the few claims I found beyond the limits of my belief. 

But Westen does not encourage the reader to use and abuse the MC by doing it for too long or too frequently.  Ten days and ten days only is her recommendation.  In getting ready for the MC, she recommends certain things, from lymph massages to saunas to sugar scrubs.  (She even includes a recipe for making your own sugar scrub.)    Then, during the MC, she recommends gentle exercise, journaling, and other practices that will complement the physical aspects of the MC with mental and spiritual aspects.

Once the ten days have passed, Westen suggests how to gently move back into eating “real” food again and she includes a few recipes.  This is where the full benefit of a cleanse will be experienced as the reader can learn how the body responds, or even reacts, to different foods. 

I was very well pleased with the overall presentation of this book but what about the Master Cleanse itself?  It only makes sense that, to give this book a complete review, I should do the MC myself.  So I’ll be starting the cleanse tomorrow and blogging about my experience in my regular (not review focused) blog.  You'll find that here.  Follow along with me on my ten day journey.  I have a feeling I’m going to need a lot of encouragement!


  1. I will give encouragement, but I won't join you in the cleanse. I don't think I can do it.

    1. LOL! Betty, I figured I'd throw it out there but had little expectation that anyone would join me. I'll be writing up a post about last night and this morning a little later today.


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