Monday, March 23, 2015

Hidden by Davillier, Lizano, & Salsedo

Hidden:  A Child's Story of the Holocaust by Loïe Dauvillier with illustrations by Marc Lizano and coloring by Greg Salsedo is a graphic novel which takes place in World War II.  Told in a frame of a granddaughter being told by her grandmother about hiding from the Germans, the terrors faced are not too graphic and the illustrations are charming, making it a book I would easily recommend for middle school or older readers.  Like myself.

Dounia tells the story about how one day her father said that the family were now sheriffs, requiring them to wear stars.  The little girl doesn’t understand the implications but quickly realizes that things have changed for her when she goes to school the next day, proudly wearing her badge of honor.  Soon, she is forced to go into hiding, separated from her mother and father. 

While the frame is an effective tool, I was surprised it wasn’t used more throughout the book.  Mostly, it is at the beginning, with one brief interruption from the granddaughter and later, at the very end.  For this reason, the frame seems more an excuse to tell the story and not as effective as it could be if we occasionally experienced the granddaughter asking questions or reacting to her grandmother’s story.  Nonetheless, it is a good story and would be an interesting choice as an introduction to The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. 

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